$10.00 / month

If you would like to sponsor one of our live-stock protection dogs you can either support monthly for $10 or yearly with a one-time fee of $120.

Winter is one of our live-stock protection dogs at the sanctuary. She spends her days running around the acreage, barking and chasing away any furry intruders. She is a gigantic 100 lb puppy that will hug you with her big paws and loves everyone human. Winter spends most of her time with the horses and donkey and can be seen playing with them or causing shenanigans in the paddock. Winter is truly adorable, incredibly affectionate and VERY VERY BIG! She was from a neglect case and given to us by a shelter in Ontario to rehabilitate her from the abuse that she endured during her early years. Winter is virtually unscathed by the hell she once endured however can become stressed with loud noises.

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