$30.00 / month

If you would like to sponsor a gorgeous goat you can either support monthly for $30 or yearly with a one-time fee of $360.

Tucker was our first rescue from a slaughter auction and also our first goat. With the introduction to goats via Tucker we fell completely in love with the species. For the first few nights he just starred at the wall in complete misery from being separated from his family but we could only save one.

Tucker was rescued from a slaughter auction and still bears the pink dyed mark on his rump that designated him a meat animal. Male farm animals really have no use in the farm industry as they can’t produce milk or off-spring and only so many males are needed for reproduction so they are sold for meat and eaten.

It only took a few days for the horror of Tucker’s life to dissolve enough for his incredible personality to come through. Tucker considers himself Mr. GQ. He is a poser, a lover and an incredible snuggler. He needs soooo much affection that we have a whole team of volunteers that spend hours each week giving this boy the attention he requires. If you call out to him stating any words of affection such as “handsome boy”, “gorgeous man” …..he will stop what he is doing to look at you and pose in true model fashion.