Little Brown Goat

$30.00 / month

If you would like to sponsor a gorgeous goat you can either support monthly for $30 or yearly with a one-time fee of $360.

Almost all of our rescues are boys but this little girl slipped through a slaughter auction deemed a boy. To our surprise, when we returned to the barn with the new babes, we realized our little boy was in fact a little girl. As she has grown up with only boys she considers herself one of the guys and wants nothing to do with any other female goats. In true goat fashion, this lady gets into EVERYTHING but looks at you with her sweet brown eyes full of innocent reprieve. Little Brown Goat was named by a little boy that fell in love with her supposed “innocent” demeanour. This little girl is so food motivated that she will be forever enticed by anything in your hands and will make it her special business to consume every last piece, drop or morsel.