$10.00 / month

If you would like to sponsor a bouncy bunny triplet you can either support monthly for $10 or yearly with a one-time fee of $120.

The Bouncy Bunny Triplets were found at an auction that sells rabbits and other animals for breeding and/or meat consumption. It was a freezing cold day and three of the children that live part-time at the sanctuary were looking in a cage full of over 50 baby Guinea pigs. Huddled in the corner were Raya, Periwinkle and Carrot.

Another rescued sister and she is the wildest of the bunch.

She prefers bunny contact over human interaction so we have been working on getting her to be more comfortable with humans. She just adores playing and snuggling with her sisters. Carrot is black and fluffy. Her eyes are like orbs of obsidian.