Big Bird

$20.00 / month

Our chickens are all rescued and entrusted to us by various animal control facilities around Ontario. We have received chickens from shelters like Toronto Animal Services, Quinte Humane Society, Brock Animal Shelter, along with owner surrenders and retired hen rescues from meat auctions.

Our hens lay a myriad of different coloured eggs – when going into the coop you are likely to see pink, iridescent white, brown, light green, moss green, baby blue and turquoise coloured eggs. We have coined the term “ethical eggs” and are selling them in the Toronto area through weekly deliveries. The eggs are ethical as they are from free roaming chickens, that eat a healthy variety of fresh fruit, fresh veggies and protein along with a well-balanced feed. Chickens only lay for a few years and then are used for meat when their production lessens. We keep all of our hens and have a very nice retirement facility for our old ladies so in this coop you don’t have to “produce” to “stay”. So, our eggs are delicious and ethically based as well. How delicious!

If you would like to sponsor a lady or gentleman for $20/ month or $240 a year please pick a friend from some of our flock below

Big Bird is BIG and she lays GIGANTIC blue eggs. She was rescued from a meat auction where we were told she was done laying. Since we have a retirement space for our older gals we wanted to save her from being eaten. When she came into the coop she was so terrified that she hid for several days. Once she felt ok she began to lay and the eggs are so big we were shocked! We have been told by a multitude of farmers that hens can stop laying or reduce their laying when they are scared or unhappy. Our Big Bird is a very consistent layer so we know she MUST be happy!

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