Who We Are

Coveted Kennels & Sanctuary (CKS) is not only a dog boarding facility and daycare, it is also a sanctuary. A haven for the many neglected, homeless, abused and displaced animals in desperate need of help. The notion to create this facility came from a need to save as many animals as possible.

Coveted Kennels & Sanctuary founders have been rescuing dogs for many years and it became necessary to find a way to increase their ability to save other species too. When so many other animals were in desperate need, it became too heartbreaking and a way to help other animals became paramount to the on-going vision. However, two vital components were required to create an ethical multi-animal rescue: funding and space. The operating costs of rescue are just so high which includes vetting of the animals. To achieve these goals, a business concept manifested to provide a way to save more animals while doing what CKS does best – loving doggies.

    A New Business Concept

    The business concept for Coveted Kennels & Sanctuary revolves around offering in-home and cage free boarding to dogs of all ages, breeds and activity levels. These services generate funding to save more animals. So, your fur-baby gets a wonderful vacation while your dollars save more animals.

    This unique property is divided into areas for the dogs and separate areas for the sanctuary animals. The sanctuary family include horses, donkeys, chickens, goats, guinea hens, peacocks, pigs, small domestics and cats. Coveted Kennels & Sanctuary work closely with Toronto Animals Services, Brock Animal Services and various other shelters in Ontario along with owner surrenders to offer a safe placement for animals. Sanctuary animals are medically treated, rehabilitated, adopted out if possible or live out their remaining years in a safe and caring environment at the sanctuary.

    You can learn more about our dog boarding and other services here.

    Please note: although we are a cage free boarding facility we will crate dogs based on individual requests by owners in order to maintain the consistency, routine and scheduling of what their fur baby is used to

    Passionate Volunteers

    The entire sanctuary is run by passionate volunteers and is also the temporary home to foster dogs up for adoption. Adoptions are led by Coveted Canines Rescue – a Toronto-based dog rescue that focuses on saving abused and neglected dogs. Foster dogs for Coveted Canines Rescue are separated from the boarding dogs.

    You can feel good knowing that your dog(s) will be well cared for by experienced staff and dog handlers. Dog handlers have experience with a variety of breeds (and mixes), behaviours, activity levels and temperaments. Your boarding fees will have double the impact. They will literally save the lives of more neglected, abused and displaced animals. What could be better than that?

    Apply to Volunteer

    Complete the volunteer application form and the legal release form below:

    Location and Facility

    Picturesque private facility for dogs in Sunderland, Ontario that offers the comforts of home in the country. The facility boasts 30 acres of fields, trees, trails, ponds and gardens. The setting is magical and offers an in-home cage free kennel experience in a large Victorian home built in 1850.

    The grounds have been fully renovated to meet every possible need of the dogs in our care. The openness and grandness of the home offers many areas for your fur baby to romp, play and enjoy areas for rest and relaxation as well. Heated floors, central air conditioning, humidifier’s, purified water, air purification systems make your fur baby’s stay that much more comfortable. Sofas, dog beds and a comfortable setting offer the opportunity to relax and rest after hours of playtime and fun.

    Please note: we will crate dogs based on the individual needs of the dogs and only if requested by owners.

    Tour Packages

    The Coveted Kennels & Sanctuary team are excited to share that we now offer tours! Come visit our beautiful and picturesque facility located in Sunderland, Ontario and learn more about what life is like at a farm sanctuary. Get to know our rescued furry and feathered residents and enjoy the gorgeous 30 acres the sanctuary is set upon.

    Available for the whole family or your corporate team, we have a package to suit everyone’s needs.

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    Call us at 647-226-2573 or email us at covetedkennelsandsanctuary@gmail.com

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